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Hand balance on the height

Apr 27, 2021

The breathtaking act on 6 meters high, including difficult construction with machine control, combining the world hardest tricks and classic style, during 5 or 7 min version.


Valentin Chetverkin, Moscow

Valentin Chetverkin

Hello , my name is Valentin , I’m from Moscow , i do hand balance , I started from acrobatics gymnastics since childhood and i trained in one of the strongest school in the world (Gurgenidze school) , I was a member of Russian national team for 6 years in mens group as a flyer , we became world and European champions . I’m 24 and last five year I learn circus art and hand balance , I have experience to work on big stages , hand-to-hand , chair balancing and work in Moscow musical theatre . For today i work on strong and dangerous hand balance act.

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