About the Idea

No Show? No Way!

Show your talent to stay visible in Corona times. Be creative, take a video of your performance and submit your clip.

Get started!

We enjoy all talents who love to move. You can participate solo, as duo or as group act. No matter wether you are doing it professionally or just for fun.

Performers create a profile and upload a full show video, no showreel. Video duration should be between 1-3 minutes, maximum duration is limited up to 5 minutes.

Our goals!

  • Showing the range and diversity of performing arts with physical impact
  • Encourage and inspire talents to exchange ideas in a network
  • Increasing reach and attracting audience in digital space
  • Recruit patrons and sponsors for performing arts
  • Strengthen community and solidarity
  • Creating new prospects for talents

Support It!

This project depends on financial contributions from patrons and sponsors. So do not hesitate to support us. Be part of it!

Benefits for sponsors

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By submitting my vote, I affirm that I will adhere to these guidelines. In particular, I will not violate these requirements though any technical circumvention measures.