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#SHAREYOURSHOW is a cross-media event that gives artists in the performing arts and athletes with a focus on artistry, dance and creative sports – as registered participants – the chance to present themselves to the public and take part in competitions (e.g. "Community Award") within the framework of predefined voting procedures.

For better readability, the language forms male, female and diverse (m/f/d) are not used simultaneously. All personal terms (e.g. "participant") apply equally to all genders.

The following provisions are a translation of the German-language Terms of Use ("Teilnahme- und Nutzungsbedingungen") and are for information purposes only. Only the German-language version of the Terms of Use is legally binding.

I. Scope of application, changes to the conditions

1. The following terms of use and the General Privacy Policy (hereinafter collectively referred to as "the Terms") contain a legal agreement between you and "SANOSTRA GmbH für Showinszenierungen", Richard-Wagner-Str. 31, 50674 Cologne, Germany, (hereinafter referred to as "SANOSTRA") regarding your use of the SHAREYOURSHOW websites ("SHAREYOURSHOW websites" means all domains, apps and #SHAREYOURSHOW channels/profiles on internet platforms operated by third parties (incl. social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. )) under which or by means of which SANOSTRA operates a multimedia platform and offers services under the brands "#SHAREYOURSHOW", "#SHAREYOURACT", "#SHAREYOURDANCE", "#SHAREYOURSPORTS" and/or other brands) and/or any content and services offered to you on the SHAREYOURSHOW Websites (collectively, "the Services").

2. By using the Services, you agree to the Terms. This applies regardless of the way in which you use the Services, i.e. in particular regardless of whether you participate in #SHAREYOURSHOW as a participant, post and/or retrieve content of any kind, or whether you evaluate the content of participants as a visitor to the SHAREYOURSHOW websites as part of a competition. If you do not wish to be bound by the Terms, you may not use the Services.

3. Insofar as the Services are offered and used on internet platforms operated by third parties (such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.), the respective terms of use and other provisions of the respective third party providers for the relevant platform shall apply in addition to the Terms, to which you as a user of the relevant platform must agree separately in each case.

4. SANOSTRA reserves the right to change the Terms at any time for the future. You will be notified of changes in an appropriate place (e.g. by notices or links on the SHAREYOURSHOW websites). If you do not object to a change within two weeks or with use of the Services, whichever is earlier, such changes will be deemed accepted.

5. Legal declarations by SANOSTRA (e.g. changes to the Terms, confirmations, etc.) may be made to participants by e-mail and are deemed to have been received if they were sent by SANOSTRA by e-mail and receipt can be assumed under normal circumstances.

II. Participation / Registration / User Account / Responsibility

1. Participation as a participant requires prior registration via the SHAREYOURSHOW websites. Registration is done by filling out the registration form provided on the SHAREYOURSHOW websites and sending all information to SANOSTRA.

2. All persons of full age or minors over the age of 16 with a declaration of consent from their legal representatives are entitled to register as participants. In the event that a minor person over the age of 16 goes through the registration process, this registration is pending invalid until the approval of the legal representative, unless the requirements of § 110 BGB (German Civil Code) are met.

3. Once you have registered, you will receive access to a user account and to further functions of the SHAREYOURSHOW websites.

4. You warrant that all information provided during the registration process is true, complete and current. In case of non-compliance, the relevant user account may be deleted without prior notice and without any claims against SANOSTRA being able to be derived therefrom. Notwithstanding the provisions set forth in Section II.8. of the Terms regarding the provision of third parties, the use of a user account in the name of or for third parties and also multiple registrations are not permitted and will also result in deletion of the respective user account.

5. A password is assigned during registration. You must ensure that no third party gains knowledge of your personal password.

6. You acknowledge and agree that you are solely and fully responsible for all activities that occur under your user account. This applies in particular to all data, images, files, video materials, audio materials, texts, software or other content that is stored, published and/or transmitted using your user account.

7. You will immediately notify SANOSTRA of any misuse of your password or user account and will be liable to SANOSTRA for any misuse of your user account for which you are responsible.

8. Participation is possible both individually, i.e. by you as a registered participant, and together with other persons (e.g. as a duo or group). In the case of participation by more than one person, registration is carried out by you as the registered participant (minimum age: 16 years) and you provide the additional persons. In the event that the additional persons provided are minors at the time of registration, participation requires the consent of the legal representatives of these minors. In these cases, the registration as a participant is pending invalid until the approval of the respective legal representative(s), unless the requirements of § 110 BGB (German Civil Code) are met.

9. In the event that other persons are made available, you alone as the registered participant are responsible for the other persons' compliance with the Terms. In particular, in this case, you grant the rights under Section V. of the Terms and give the warranty declaration under Section V. 5. of the Terms to SANOSTRA.

10. SANOSTRA may at any time require all participants and other participating persons to provide appropriate proof of their identity, age and/or other circumstances that are a prerequisite for participation in #SHAREYOURSHOW.

III. Exclusion of participation / deletion of user accounts

1. SANOSTRA is entitled to exclude individual participants from participation in #SHAREYOURSHOW if there are valid reasons for doing so, such as a violation of the Terms, failure to provide proof as defined in Section II.10, etc. despite a corresponding request.

2. SANOSTRA is entitled to terminate the legal agreement existing between you and SANOSTRA in accordance with the Terms at its own discretion without prior notice by deleting the relevant user account, insofar as the participant's obligations under the Terms and Conditions and/or the applicable laws have been breached by the respective participant and/or via the user account of the respective participant, in particular by conduct of any kind contrary to the law or an agreement, including conduct disruptive to other participants or unfair/unreasonable influence on the course of #SHAREYOURSHOW. The decision as to whether a breach of duty in the aforementioned sense exists shall be made solely by SANOSTRA at its own discretion; legal recourse is excluded in this respect.

3. The legal agreement between you and SANOSTRA existing under the Terms may be terminated by you at any time by deleting your user account.

4. In case of deletion of the user account, SANOSTRA will delete the data stored for you within 3 days at the earliest.

5. Employees of SANOSTRA and of companies affiliated with SANOSTRA, their respective cooperation partners including agencies as well as their respective family members are excluded from participation in the #SHAREYOURSHOW.

IV. Procedure / Participation requirements / Posting content

1. As a registered participant, you are given the opportunity to create your own participant profile. The participant profiles contain various mandatory details about the participant(s).

2. Through the participant profile, you can post your video clip and other content for publication through the SHAREYOURSHOW websites.

3. Participation is possible in different artistic categories (currently: #ShareyourArt for artistic and circus performances, #ShareYourDance for dance performances and #ShareyourSports for sports performances). Only one video clip per participant or group of participants can be posted.

4. All videos and other content (such as thumbnails and accompanying text) posted on the SHAREYOURSHOW websites are hereinafter collectively referred to as "Content".

5. The Content and technical requirements for the Content (such as the length of the video clips) are specified by SANOSTRA and must be adhered to by the participants.

6. You are solely and completely responsible for the Content posted by you and for the consequences of the Content posted by you, and you warrant that you have all licenses, rights, and consents necessary for the provision and other use of the of the Content under the Services for the period of which the respective Content is being posted.

7. You agree not to post any illegal content or content that violates the rights of third parties on the SHAREYOURSHOW websites. In particular, it is prohibited to post discriminatory content, content that violates human dignity or pornographic content or content that violates youth protection laws or other laws, including personal rights, as well as to use content that is protected by law (e.g. by copyright, trademark, patent, design patent or utility patent law) without being authorized to do so. Furthermore, no content may be posted on the SHAREYOURSHOW websites that significantly insults, defames, harms or otherwise harasses other participants.

8. No content may be posted on the SHAREYOURSHOW websites that endangers the life, body and/or health of the participant posting the respective content and/or third parties.

9. SANOSTRA does not control any Content posted on SHAREYOURSHOW websites. There is no editorial pre-selection of the individual Contents. Therefore, SANOSTRA does not assume any liability for the admissibility, correctness, appropriateness and quality of the posted Content. Against this background, you acknowledge and agree that individual Content posted by other participants may be perceived by you as offensive, indecent or otherwise harassing, and you hereby waive any rights you may have against SANOSTRA with respect to such Content.

10. Although SANOSTRA does not generally review the participants' Content, SANOSTRA reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine whether a Content meets the requirements of the Terms and, in the event of a violation in its sole discretion, to remove such Content without prior notice and/or delete the user account of the participant responsible for the violation.

11. All participants are obliged to observe the requirements of fair play. Any form of unfair or undue influence on the course of competitions held in connection with #SHAREYOURSHOW (e.g. "Community Award") is not permitted.

V. Right of use

1. By posting Content on the SHAREYOURSHOW websites, you grant SANOSTRA the worldwide, non-exclusive and royalty-free right to use the posted Content, in whole or in part, to reproduce it, to make it publicly available, to use it in the context of events related to #SHAREYOURSHOW, in particular to perform it publicly as well as to use it in any future online/TV productions in connection with #SHAREYOURSHOW and to exploit these online/TV productions in all media, unlimited in terms of location, time and content, for all known and unknown types of use, as often as desired.

2. Furthermore, by posting the Content you grant SANOSTRA the worldwide, non-exclusive and royalty-free right to use the posted Content (in whole or in part) for advertising purposes (including cross-promotion) as well as for editorial pre- and post-reporting for #SHAREYOURSHOW and its evaluation as well as for SANOSTRA and its partners. Included in the granting of rights is the right to edit the posted Content for all aforementioned purposes. Included in the granting of rights is also the right to transfer the granted rights in whole or in part to third parties, which you agree to by posting any Content; in particular, by posting Content you also agree that the Content posted by you in #SHAREYOURSHOW channels/profiles on internet platforms operated by third parties (incl. social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) can be made publicly accessible. The granting of rights also includes all necessary consents under personal rights and/or other consents of the persons affected by the use of the content in accordance with the Terms.

3. The granting of the aforementioned rights of use can be terminated by you at any time for the future by deleting the relevant Content. The authorization of SANOSTRA with respect to all exploitations of the rights made up to the time of the deletion of the Content remain unaffected.

4. You further acknowledge and agree that the SHAREYOURSHOW websites, and thus the environment of your Content (including before and after your Content, if applicable), may contain marketed advertising.

5. You warrant that you are authorized and able to transfer or sublicense the rights hereby granted to SANOSTRA. You further warrant that no legal provisions or rights of third parties are violated by your Content and/or by use of your Content in accordance with the Terms. You indemnify SANOSTRA upon first request from all claims of third parties resulting from non-compliance with the above guarantees, including damages, expenses and any legal costs incurred in this respect.

VI. Reporting infringements and violations

1. If you are of the opinion that your rights (e.g. personal rights/rights to one's own image, copyrights and related right, trademark rights and rights of commercial designations ("Kennzeichenrechte"), patent rights, design rights or utility model rights) are violated by any Content posted on the SHAREYOURSHOW websites, or if you would like to point out any other violations of the Terms due to inadmissible Content, please inform us immediately by e-mail to

2. For all reports of infringements and violations, please provide the following mandatory information:

  • Name of the participant who posted the Content in question
  • Link under which the relevant material can be found
  • Description of the infringement / violation
  • E-mail address and phone number

3. Incomplete reports cannot be processed. In case of unauthorized
reports, SANOSTRA reserves the right to assert further claims for
damages and/or other claims in connection with unauthorized reports.

VII. Privacy

1. By registering as a participant in #SHAREYOURSHOW, you expressly agree that SANOSTRA stores and uses the necessary data for the implementation of #SHAREYOURSHOW. As far as necessary for the implementation of #SHAREYOURSHOW, SANOSTRA is entitled to pass on your data to companies and cooperation partners affiliated with SANOSTRA. The forwarded data may be used by affiliated companies and cooperation partners exclusively within the framework of the fulfillment of their respective tasks in the context of the implementation of #SHAREYOURSHOW as well as any subsequent events and/or TV shows, including their advertising and reporting thereon. Furthermore, the disclosure is limited to the data required in each case and is only made to trustworthy cooperation partners who have also agreed to comply with the provisions of data protection law. You are free at any time to revoke your consent to data processing and thus withdraw from participation in #SHAREYOURSHOW. Please inform us of your revocation with the subject "Revocation of data processing #SHAREYOURSHOW" by e-mail to or by letter to the following address:

SANOSTRA GmbH für Showinszenierungen
Richard-Wagner-Str. 31
50674 Cologne | Germany

2. In the event of revocation, we will immediately delete all data relating to you.

3. In all other respects, the terms of the General Privacy Policy shall apply.

VIII. Community Award / Community Award-Event / The Award Ceremony (currently not announced)

1. In connection with #SHAREYOURSHOW, SANOSTRA - possibly in cooperation with various partners - is organizing the "Community Award" competition.

2. The best or most popular video clips within the respective contribution type (individual, duo and group contribution) and category (currently: #SHAREYOURACT, #SHAREYOURDANCE and #SHAREYOURSPORTS) is selected within the framework of an online voting procedure specified by SANOSTRA.

3. For this purpose, visitors to the SHAREYOURSHOW websites are given the opportunity to cast a vote for each individual video clip once a day (only 1 vote within 24 hours). Registered participants are excluded from voting for themselves.

4. The participants whose video clips received the most votes within the respective entry type and category will emerge as Finalists from the online voting process. In total 9 Finalists will be determined:


1. Single
2. Duo
3. Group


4. Single
5. Duo
6. Group


7. Single
8. Duo
9. Group

5. SANOSTRA will announce the further details of the voting procedure, such as the exact timing (beginning and end of the opportunity to cast votes), in due time and in due place.

6. The online voting procedure will be followed by a live event, which will be aired by means of live streaming (online), during which the 9 Finalists will present the performances contained in their video clips live (possibly in front of an audience) (hereinafter referred to as the "Community Award Event") and subsequently receive prizes in accordance with the following provisions. SANOSTRA will announce the details of the Community Award Event (date, location, etc.) separately and in due time.

7. If two or more video clips within the same category and entry type receive the same number of votes in the online voting process, all participants of the respective video clips are entitled to participate in the Community Award event and compete live against each other there. The winner determined by SANOSTRA's voting process will be the Finalist for that category and type of entry.

8. Finalists who participate in the Community Awards Event will receive the prizes described in more detail below in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

SANOSTRA will issue a public call for monetary contributions to conduct the Community Award through a process specified by SANOSTRA.

70% of the collected monetary contributions will be distributed and paid as prize money ("Total Prize Money") to the Finalists according to the following:

Each of the three categories (#ShareyourArt, #ShareYourDance as well as) #ShareyourSports) will be allocated 1/3 of the total prize money.

Within each category, the portion of the total prize money allocated to that category will then be divided as follows:

1. Single: 20%
2. Duo: 30%
3. Group: 50%

The remaining 30% of the collected monetary contributions, as well as any additional advertising, promotional or sponsorship revenues, will be spent by SANOSTRA on the operation of the Services and the implementation of the Community Award.

9. As part of a separate live online vote, one Finalist will also be selected from the group of participating Finalists as the "Community Star". This Finalist will receive a special prize in addition to the prize money.

10. By registering as a participant, you agree to participate in the Community Award Event in the event that you are selected as a Finalist in the voting procedure specified by SANOSTRA and to conclude a separate event show/contributor contract with the respective organizer or producer of the Community Award Event. Such a contract includes, among other things, a comprehensive granting of rights (in particular also with regard to the Content posted by you on the SHAREYOURSHOW websites). The conclusion of such a contract is a condition for your further participation as a Finalist in the Community Award Event and in #SHAREYOURSHOW as well as for the receipt of prize money or other prizes.

11. If a Finalist drops out before the Community Award Event is held or is excluded from further participation (e.g. due to a violation of the Terms or the event show/contributor contract yet to be concluded), the participant whose video clip received the second most votes within the respective entry type and category will move up. In the event of a tie, a decision shall be made in accordance with the procedure described in Section VIII.7. above.

If none of the Finalists determined in this manner are available to participate in the Community Award Event thereafter, SANOSTRA may, at its sole discretion, nominate suitable finalists from among the participants.

12. Participation in future contests with identical video clips is possible, but the votes for the respective video clips will be deleted after the voting process is completed. An addition with votes from previous contests does not take place.

IX. General restrictions

The permission hereby granted to you to use the Services is subject to the following restrictions:

1. You agree not to offer any part of the SHAREYOURSHOW Websites to any third party through any medium whatsoever without SANOSTRA's prior written consent. This does not include any Content that you may have posted yourself.

2. Programming and technical manipulations that are likely to impair the functionality of the Services in any way may not be applied. In particular, you agree to refrain from using automated systems that access the SHAREYOURSHOW websites in such a way that the high number of requests directed to SANOSTRA's servers impairs their functionality.

3. You acknowledge and agree that the Services are subject to periodic change. In this regard, you agree that the Services may be temporarily or permanently unavailable to you or to participants in general.

4. The Services and Contents offered on the SHAREYOURSHOW websites may without written consent by SANOSTRA be used only within the scope of the possibilities offered and provided by SANOSTRA and exclusively for private, non-commercial purposes.

5. The SHAREYOURSHOW websites and all related text, images and graphic elements, with the exception of Content posted by participants, are protected by copyright and trademark laws and are owned by or licensed to SANOSTRA. SANOSTRA grants participants a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the offerings and the Services on the SHAREYOURSHOW Web Sites limited to the manner provided by SANOSTRA or set forth in the Terms. Any use other than that provided for by SANOSTRA or specified in the Terms requires the prior written consent of SANOSTRA. This applies in particular to (but is not limited to) copying, distribution, editing, translation, storage, processing and reproduction in databases.

6. You are prohibited from harassing other participants - in particular through SPAM mails, progressive advertising or chain letters - and from storing, publishing and/or transmitting content that glorifies violence, is discriminatory, violates human dignity or is pornographic or violates youth protection laws or other laws. Content that is suitable for advertising associations or communities that are being observed by authorities or the German Offices for the Protection of the Constitution ("Verfassungsschutz) may not be stored, published and/or transmitted. Any measures that promote structural distribution are prohibited.

7. You agree to access the video material contained on SHAREYOURSHOW websites only in the form of streaming, i.e. continuous data transmission, and not to download (permanently or temporarily), copy or redistribute it.

X. Disclaimer of warranty, limitation of liability

1. The Services are provided by SANOSTRA subject to its right to interrupt or discontinue the Services at any time. You use the services at your own risk. This applies in particular to any use of Content, especially Content of other participants. You are solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or other technical devices used for the use, for the loss of data or for other damages and also for damages of third parties caused by you in this context.

2. You accept that the constant availability of the Services cannot be technically guaranteed. Accordingly, SANOSTRA assumes no liability that the Services will be available at all times without interruption, in a timely manner, securely and without error. SANOSTRA does not warrant the accuracy of the information available through the Services. SANOSTRA does not warrant any damages arising from the use or inability to use the Services, including loss or corruption of data. In particular, SANOSTRA assumes no liability for any costs incurred in any way in connection with the Services. SANOSTRA also assumes no liability for the conduct of participants or other third parties or for Content or statements stored, published and/or transmitted by Participants or other third parties within the scope of the Services.

3. To the extent that participants post or submit links to other websites and services on the SHAREYOURSHOW Websites, SANOSTRA does not control the destinations of those links, does not endorse any content accessible on or through such third party offerings, and disclaims any liability in this regard.

4. You participate in #SHAREYOURSHOW at your own request and at your own risk. In this respect, SANOSTRA only provides the opportunity to participate in #SHAREYOURSHOW.

5. SANOSTRA is only liable for grossly negligent or intentional conduct in accordance with the statutory provisions. This does not apply if essential contractual obligations are violated. In this case, liability is limited to the foreseeable damage typical for the contract. SANOSTRA's liability for damages to life, body and health as well as under the German Product Liability Act ("Produkthaftungsgesetz") remains unaffected. The foregoing limitations of liability shall also apply in particular to damages caused by errors, delays or interruptions in transmission, malfunctions of technical equipment and services, inaccurate content, loss or deletion of data, viruses or in any other way during the use of the SHAREYOURSHOW websites. The above limitations of liability also apply to companies affiliated with SANOSTRA.

6. SANOSTRA is entitled in case of force majeure (e.g. thunderstorm, storm, hail) and due to special events (war, terror, strike, official orders, epidemic, pandemic etc.) to change the scope and further modalities of the services as well as the Community Award Event, in particular to postpone or cancel dates.

In this respect, there is no entitlement to further provision of the services or implementation of the Community Award event.

In the event of an epidemic or pandemic, a case of force majeure shall also exist without an official order if, in each case, an "epidemic situation of national scope" within the meaning of Section 5 of the German Infection Protection Act ("Infektionsschutzgesetz") or a comparable situation according to the respective applicable national law has been determined by SANOSTRA or its agents with effect on the period of performance or if a corresponding determination has been made on the basis of current events and / or situation or risk assessments of the World Health Organization and / or the respective national health authority or other authorities / bodies (e.g. the "Robert Koch Institut"), risk assessments of the World Health Organization and / or the respective national health authority or other authorities / bodies (e.g. the Robert Koch Institut).

XI. Final provisions

1. The invalidity of individual provisions shall not affect the legal validity of the remaining provisions. Ineffective or void provisions shall be replaced by such provisions which, in terms of content and purpose, most closely approximate the economic intent. The same shall apply to regulatory gaps.

2. Amendments, supplements and the cancellation of the terms and conditions must be made in text form in order to be effective. This also applies to the cancellation of this text form requirement. Verbal collateral agreements have not been made.

3. Place of performance and jurisdiction is, as far as legally permissible, Cologne. German law shall apply.

Status: January 2021

Please confirm your vote:

I know and agree that, as a visitor to the #SHAREYOURSHOW-website, I may only vote once for each individual video post within 24 hours. Registered participants are excluded from voting for themselves.

By submitting my vote, I affirm that I will adhere to these guidelines. In particular, I will not violate these requirements though any technical circumvention measures.