Support the Artists

What would our world be without all these colorful, diverse, creative and extraordinary shows?

Due to Corona measures, artists are no longer able to perform live. No events can be held, variety and show theaters are closed at the moment.

#SHAREYOURSHOW offers the diversity of physical shows to be visible despite being pandemic-safety-minded and provides performers new space to belong to. We don't want to lose the art and the artists and we don't want to miss the many beautiful performances and shows.

This website allows artists and talents to present themselves at least digitally. So you have the opportunity to experience exciting videos and inspiring moments detached from your everyday life.

You can express your recognition for this by voting for the videos that you like best and by sharing it with your friends. Beyond, help us with a financial contribution to realize this platform and the Community Award. The more you give, the higher prize money can get wiped out on the artists. You can influence big things with many small contributions!

70% of the money collected will go directly to the finalists as prize money, 30% will be spent for the realization of the Community Award Event and for the operation of this platform. Further details can be found here (see especially section VIII. 8).

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