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Duo Roller skate and Hula Hoop show

May 27, 2021

We are perform a duo dynamic up beat act with hard skill and speed wearing rollerskates and they will perform on a pedestal. Also I perform a vouge sexy Hula hoop act , finishing with over 25 hoops on her body spinning. oller skate: Our promo file Hula hoop New ( with Led hula hoop )


Duo Aurum, Ukraine

Duo Aurum

We are Andrei and Uliana, Ukrainian roller skating duo we have performed together 5 years. This amazing high energy act has been entertaining audiences all over the world. Also in big productions being the closing act we bring excitement and thrills to major audiences of 5,000 people and more. Uliana also performs a sexy and exciting hula-hoop, whilst having a dance background of 6 years.

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