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Music and Aerial duet/Nefelopetra

Jun 21, 2021

An act that compines the story of Ramona -a woman that lived in 50s in a cabaret and died for her beloved man- live music, singing and aerial silk duet.


Nefelopetra, Athens


THE TEAM Nefelopetra was founded in 2009 by musician and acrobat Petros Politis, together with musician and dancer Nefeli Markakis. Nefelopetra’s team is comprised of musicians, dancers, acrobats and actors, who always create original performances by combining different arts to tell a story. The music composition, choreography, direction, texts and video arts used in their performances all bear their unique signature. Nefelopetra has performed in many prestigious venues such as Megaron—The Athens Concert Hall, Onassis Stegi,Gialino Music Theater, Half Note Jazz Club, Cabaret Voltaire, El Convento del Arte, all season at Pireé performing Ramona the Untold Story, as well as on the central stage of Syntagma Square under the auspices of the Athens Municipality. They have also travelled to the Regency Casino Thessaloniki for three consecutive years. Their catalog of appearances include venues in Elatia, Kythera, Paros, Peloponnese at the Costa Navarino, Thessaloniki at the Moni Lazariston Festival, Syros at the Apollon Theater, Zakynthos at the Zante Dance Festival, Heraklion at the Technopolis Cine Studio, and Rethymnon at the Mythodia Theater.

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